Horizon Point’s Favorite Authors of the Year

We always do a book of the year and oftentimes a Top 10 list for certain types of books each year.   What I’ve found in my reading this year, though, is that there are some really good authors out there putting out more than one great read.

They are thought leaders that write about things that span across the professional and personal and across industries and cultures.  They capture the heart and head with enjoyable prose and research-backed guidance. All help to guide better leadership, better workplaces, better homes, and better communities.

Here are the authors we recommend putting on your 2019 reading list:

Chip and Dan Heath.  These two wrote our book of the year The Power Moments.  I’ve found their book Switch to be equally engaging and practical to apply.  I’m looking forward to reading the others they have out as well.

Brene Brown.   A writer that gets to the heart of authenticity, Brene uses research and personal stories to create a narrative that is impactful. We read one of her books as a team and found that her voice may resonate more with women than men.  However, thinking about her voice whether it resonates with your gender or not, and reading prose of different mindsets is an important part of understanding others.  Men and women alike should pick up her work.

Adam Grant.  Adam wrote our 2017 book of the Year, Originals. We also enjoyed hearing his insights at SHRM18, read about it here and here.

Beyond Originals, his book Give and Take is powerful and we look forward to anything else he puts out on the market.

Cy Wakeman.   I found myself saying “amen” over and over again and highlighting Cy’s work in both Reality-Based Leadership and No Ego, plotting ways to incorporate her insights into our leadership training content.  She gets that so much of what leaders deal with in the workplace is unnecessary drama and outlines practical ways, along with tools to use in the appendix of each book, to “ditch the drama.”


Who is your top author for 2018?



Mary Ila Ward

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