Horizon Point’s Book of the Year

In January, we declared this year the year of authenticity. Authenticity would be at the heart of what we would pursue as individuals and as a business.

So, of course, we set out to find a book of the year about authenticity. There are a lot of books out there directly related to this, and we as a team read at least a few of them. But none of them quite fit what we were trying to pursue, of what we were meaning by living as an authentic leader and leading an authentic life.

But, one favorite book stuck out for the year. We referenced it in more blog posts and kept coming back to it as a team, even though it was something we read in March of this year.

This book, The Power of Moments, through research-backed analysis- describes how to create moments, or rich experiences through elevation, insight, pride, and connection.  It engages the reader in thinking about how to practically elevate themselves and others by creating more moments.

Moments “rise above the routine and break the script”. They come from an action that creates insight. From practicing courage by pre-loading responses providing meaningful and personalized recognition, being obsessed with completion, and by creating shared purpose and meaning.

Living authentically, we realized, comes from pursuing moments and helping create them for others.

The ending of the book cites research on the five most common regrets of those who are dying. Number one on this list is not having the courage to live a life true to themselves instead of the life someone else expected them to live.  A life lacking in authenticity was the biggest regret, a life filled with minimal points of elevation, insight, pride, and connection.

We hope you will pick up a copy of our recommended book of the year. We hope it will allow you to pursue in 2019 and beyond the authentic life. We wish you a life full of moments for yourself and for those you love and lead.

Mary Ila Ward

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