4 Ways to Seize the Moment

I had the chance to catch-up on some reading while on vacation recently.  I received The Power of Moments from a co-worker as a birthday present (she knows my love language is books), and it had been sitting on my office desk just itching to be read. The book highlights the importance of four characteristics that create moments: Elevation- Experiences that “rise above the routine.” Insight– Experiences that “rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world”. Pride–  Experiences that “capture us at our best” including times of achievement and/or courage.” Connection– Experiences that are social and that are heightened because they are

Leaders, Focus on Moving your Middle- Play Offense, Not Defense

Let’s pretend you have a performance appraisal system that rates people on a scale of 1-7.  One being the worst, seven being rock-star status.   You have ten direct reports and you have honestly and accurately rated them all (we’re assuming a perfect world here, bear with me). Here’s the breakdown of where people fall: You have three people in the 1-3 range. You have six people in the 4-6 range. And you have one lone rock star at 7. Which group should you focus most of your energy on in the coming year? If customer satisfaction research leads us to

How to Train Leaders to Act with Courage

I remember when I got feedback one time after a leadership training session that the training needed to include more role-playing. I hate role-playing. Or at least participating in it, so I assumed everyone else hates the exercise of pretending too. But besides hating it, I thought there were other learning methods that could emulate the same type of result that role-playing could, so I avoided it. But when I think about trying to coach and teach people through critical leadership moments- those that require courage- role-playing, or at least practicing what needs to be done may be the best

How to know when you have a Prima Donna that needs to be fired

Prima Donna- noun: “a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as a part of a team.” Merriam-Webster You know one when you see one.   Before you can define exactly what a prima donna is, you can name one.  In the flesh.  And they have most likely made your work life hell at some point or another. What do you do when faced with one?  Or, how do you get leadership to realize there is one in your midst? For a variety of positive reasons that have nothing to do with prima donnas, I

#MeToo and the Onslaught of Sexual Harassment Training Requests

Long about mid-December when you couldn’t turn on the news without hearing about the next case of pervasive sexual harassment in every facet of the working world, our phone and inbox started blowing up with requests for sexual harassment training and training resources. Almost every HR leader was given direction from the C-Suite and/or self-directed to try to take the bull by the horns and “train” people on sexual harassment before they got hit with a claim in their workplace. Whereas I think driving a culture through behavioral actions is the best way to keep sexual harassment or any other

“There’s no bathroom for me here…” Finding Your Voice

I sat down to watch a movie a week or so ago with my husband.  I average getting through about one full movie a year (apart from the Disney movies that are constantly playing at my house…. “Let it go, Let it go…. Oh, I digress….) so I’m ahead of schedule this year. It was a movie I asked my husband to get, Hidden Figures, and after three months of it sitting in its Netflix case he told me it was time to watch it or he was simply going to send it back. So we watched it. I thought

Want Real Teamwork? Start With Vulnerability!

I was sitting in a multi-day training with a group of executive leaders. I had yet to put my finger on what was missing with this team, when a question was asked that made me realize, these people don’t know each other. Through this question, it became apparent that they aren’t “allowed” to put their guard down and be real. They don’t feel like they have permission to be vulnerable. Some of these people had been working together for ten plus years and were hard pressed to name any of their colleagues hobbies much less their co-workers spouse and/or kids’

4 Ways to Listen To Yourself

“Your life is always speaking to you. The fundamental question is: Will you listen?”  Oprah Last week, I declared 2018 the year of authenticity, outlining five things that need to be present for someone cultivate authenticity: listening, gratitude, acting out of joy instead of obligation, being vulnerable and avoiding comparison to others. Authentic means being real and true to your design. But how do we actually practice the things? I’m coming to believe you can’t practice any of them without first listening to yourself. And in order to listen to yourself or anyone else, you have to find quiet. The

The Essence of Authenticity

We’re talking about #authenticity here at The Point Blog. This poem captures the essence of advice for authentic living.   when it came to listening my mother taught me silence if you are drowning their voice with yours how will you hear them she asked   when it came to speaking she said do it with commitment every word you say  is your own responsibility   when it came to being she said be tender and touch at once your need to be vulnerable to live fully but rough enough to survive it all   when it came to choosing she asked me to

2018 Is the Year of Authenticity

2016 was the “Year of Stories.” 2017 was the “Year of Innovation.” And whereas these themes for 2016 and 2017 at Horizon Point were determined at the conclusion of both years, on January 7, 2018, I already determined that “2018 Is the Year of Authenticity.” Why? Well, because I didn’t spend much time in 2017 living authentically. I was too distracted. Too busy. And throughout the year of doing lots of leadership training, teambuilding, coaching, and just having lots of conversations with people, it seems as though I’m not the only one that struggles with living authentically. 2017, in large