A Culture Where Nothing Is Ever Good Enough and How to Fix It: An Interview with Rajeev Behera CEO of Reflektive

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1 in 4 people say their jobs are the most stressful part of their lives. What is creating stress in the workplace and how can it be resolved? Rajeev Behera, CEO of Reflektive, says that a fear-based work culture where nothing is ever good enough is a main cause of stress in the workplace. This occurs when managers use intimidation tactics, putting more value on the employees that put in the most hours, instead of those who are team players. Rajeev saw this first-hand in his work life before founding Reflektive, a performance management and talent development software company, where

Do Mentors Matter More than Bosses and Parents? How to Establish Mentor/Mentee Relationships

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“Not having a mentor is just stupid,” said a young and successful sales professional in a meeting I attended a few weeks ago.   She was giving the group advice on how to be successful in sales. I couldn’t agree with her more.  Not having a least one mentor (and seeking to be a mentor to someone else) is just about the dumbest mistake you can make in business. I was fortunate to have a wonderful academic and professional mentor in college (he passed away a few years ago and I still miss his sound advice), and I continue to have

3 Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Hires

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Onboarding has been on my brain nonstop the last couple of months.  Between working with two clients heavily on their onboarding programs and onboarding a new employee to Horizon Point, I’m beginning to even dream about onboarding tactics! Whether you are a company of three or a company of 30,000, onboarding can make or break employee engagement and retention even before day one. Having an onboarding strategy that is executed well starts with a plan that includes: Realizing onboarding starts before the start date. Several things need to take place before the person even begins on day one.  This includes

What the Legislative Landscape Means for Day-to-Day HR

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I had the opportunity to spend time at a SHRM Regional Business Meeting this past weekend.  The best speaker I heard was SHRM’s VP of Governmental Affairs, Mike Aitken.  And I don’t even like hearing about legal issues! If you are in the Southeast, he is coming to Montgomery, Alabama to speak at the ALSHRM Legislative Conference this week- February 16th.  Register here if you want to go; I would highly encourage it. He covered how the current legislative landscape will most likely affect HR day-to-day. Here’s a recap of what he said: Immigration Increased I-9 scrutiny. Make sure you

How to be Employed to Work at Home

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Written by: AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA, MA, of Work at Home Solutions  It was 2002 and my kids were coming to me for community sports fees, uniform fees, dance costumes, school field trips and even school registration fees (high school registration one year cost $150). With all this need for extra money, I had to do something because my household budget could not be stretched to afford these extra expenses for my children. This was the motivation factor that began an online journey that has led to thousands of dollars in income and extra income for my family. The journey to seek

Navigating the New Overtime Regulations: Can you classify people in same position differently?

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If you are in HR, about all you’ve dealt with in the last few weeks, maybe even in the last few months, has been how to handle the new FLSA overtime regulations.  As one of our excellent advisors with Horizon Point, Nancy Washington Vaughn, wrote in a previous blog post about how to navigate the new regulations, “On December 1, 2016, the federal annual salary threshold for white-collar employees exempt from overtime pay will increase to $47,476 from $23,660.” In dealing with this from a consultative perspective, an interesting question came up with a client recently.  Can you classify employees

Millennials Don’t Feel Entitled to Your Job,They Want You to Help Them Chart Their Career

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The generation of participation trophies, therefore, the generation of entitlement.  Therefore, the group that thinks their degree, or maybe just the mere fact that they breathe, entitles them to the CEO seat 18 months in.  You’ve heard it all.   And if they don’t get that CEO seat, by the way, well they are also a generation of job hoppers. But when you talk to most millennials (myself included), you’ll find that they don’t want or expect to have the top job 18 months in, but they may want it at some point in their life.  And isn’t that a good

How Simulated Work Environments Can Drive Performance in the Classroom, and Ultimately the Workplace

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Continuing with our theme this month, we wanted to reflect on performance management in another arena – the classroom. After all, students are future employees and shouldn’t performance management in the classroom prepare them for performance management in their future careers? First, I want to share a thought from a local employer when asked about industry needs concerning current and potential programs that are developing the future workforce. The quote reads: “While there appears to be attention given to communication and employability (skills), these areas remain our greatest problem. We are looking for hard working individuals with a strong work

You Go Jennifer Lawrence- Girls, Know and Stand-up for What You’re Worth


Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s highest paid female actress still doesn’t make as much as her male counterparts. And she’s pissed. But who she is pissed at may surprise you. She’s mad at herself. You can see more on the story that aired on NBC Nightly News last week here: http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/jennifer-lawrence-speaks-out-on-hollywood-s-gender-pay-gap-543867971910 Kudos to Jennifer. When we can take ownership of the issues that affect us personally, then we are on our way to fixing them. Blaming others doesn’t help the situation. Women (and men) knowing what they are worth is a critical step in that ownership, then being willing and able to

What are your Generational “Sticking Points”?


“The whole chair situation makes so much more sense now,” said a woman in a Generations in the Workplace seminar recently. As many of us looked at her perplexed, she went on to explain, “I bought new chairs for our office. I can’t get those in earlier generations to use them. They said the old ones are just fine. I can’t get the newer generation to quit standing up in them so they can talk to someone over the cubicle wall.  I never knew how much headaches new chairs could cause,” she said with a sigh, but also some excitement in having