3 Performance Management Lessons from Kindergarten

Our son started kindergarten last month. We are fortunate that he has a wonderful teacher at an outstanding school. However, his behavior in kindergarten started out a little rocky. The teacher took a few weeks to teach them about what behavior was expected in class before she started notifying us as parents about their behavior at the end of each day using the color-coded system you see in this picture. After two days of yellow and then a day of orange came home, you better believe the Ward household was not a happy place.  Consequences happened, but we’ve begun to see his behavior improve.

Talent Management Strategy Lessons Learned from T-ball

Guest Blogger: Drew Ward, husband of Horizon Point’s Mary Ila Ward If you have ever had a son or daughter play tee ball there is only one word that can describe it…chaos.  After being asked if I would coach tee ball this year my first thought was, “Lord, please give me the patience that I need to help teach the kids the game of baseball.”  My second thought was, “How can we go from chaos to controlled chaos with 11 five and six year olds running around?” Little did I know that a couple of weeks into the season I

How Neuroscience Is and Will Revolutionize HR

  In December of 2014, my then four-year-old son started having seizures. After three of them occurred in a short period of time, we went to see a pediatric neurologist who first did an electroencephalogram (EEG) to begin to identify the cause of the seizures so we could determine a course of treatment. Utilizing this technology as well as other techniques, she put our son on a medicine that has controlled his seizures. He hasn’t had one in over a year, and we are thankful for the doctors, the scientific discoveries and the technology that made this a reality. Neuroscience

7 Ways to Ensure You Take a True Vacation

I’m getting ready to go on vacation for a week. On Saturday, we will leave town for white sand and sun, and I will be leaving my computer at home. This will be the first time I’ve been on vacation since I started the business almost five years ago bound and determined to completely disconnect. If you know me or have read many of my posts, you know I hate the whole focus on work-life balance. Work is not separate from life, it is all life and we should be doing something we enjoy enough in our working life to

Career Assessments – The Key to Your Career

Career assessments are a great tool for determining your career path. Assessments can help build self-awareness and then link you with career options based on your talents, passions and values.Whether you are taking your first leap into the workforce, contemplating a college major or making a mid-career change, assessments are certainly a resource you should consider. If you do any research on career assessments, you will find there are a vast number ofoptions. There are formal ones that must be administeredby a professional as well as informal onesthat can be done by others or even self-administered. So, how do you


Do you enjoy physics? Do you think medicine and dentistry are interesting? Are you an active listener who enjoys working with people? If any of these things describe you, then Diagnostic Medical Sonography may be the career field that would make you tick. What do you need to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer? Education:  Required: Associate’s Degree or Post-secondary Certificate If you are a high school student, make sure you are focused on taking sciences including physics and biology. Skills: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers know how to: Think critically Communicate with others Analyze test data or images to inform diagnosis or

Thank you for a great 2015!

2015 has been a great year for Horizon Point Consulting thanks to our wonderful clients and partners! We have been fortunate to meet and work with some great people and organizations, partner with innovative companies, and continue our own professional development to better serve our clients.   As a thank you to our clients and friends, and in keeping with our Give Back Value,of supporting organizations and causes that work to create passion and productivity by putting people first, we have made contributions to these two organizations: The Neighborhood Christian Center Decatur City Schools Foundation Both organizations work in some

Saying “No” to Something is Saying “Yes” to Something Else

A key to creating career and personal success is to realize that in order to live your mission, there are many things in which you have to say “no”. If you work through the Power of 3 Worksheet, you will notice that there is a section for you to note three things that you need to stop doing in order to live your mission. I think these things we need to say “no” to come in two categories: Bad habits- Things like not exercising, eating unhealthy, drinking too much, playing Candy Crush for four hours a day (I haven’t tried it yet, I’m

3 Tips for Eliminating the Stress of a Job Interview

I’m sitting in a Starbucks now, and it is obvious by the dialogue of the two people sitting across from me that one person is interviewing the other. The guy being interviewed is tapping his foot in sheer nervousness and is babbling through his responses, unable to answer the questions he is being asked effectively.  I want to get up and give him a hug and tell him to calm down. It will be okay. If he could just calm himself down, I think he’d be able to effectively focus and answer the questions. Have you ever found yourself in

How Simulated Work Environments Can Drive Performance in the Classroom, and Ultimately the Workplace

Continuing with our theme this month, we wanted to reflect on performance management in another arena – the classroom. After all, students are future employees and shouldn’t performance management in the classroom prepare them for performance management in their future careers? First, I want to share a thought from a local employer when asked about industry needs concerning current and potential programs that are developing the future workforce. The quote reads: “While there appears to be attention given to communication and employability (skills), these areas remain our greatest problem. We are looking for hard working individuals with a strong work