What is Growth Mindset?

We are kicking off a new series on growth mindset this week! Do you believe intelligence and talents are fixed? If so, hopefully, we can change your mind with insights from our series on growth mindset. 

Seeing opportunities instead of obstacles, in a nutshell, that’s what having a growth mindset means. Those with a growth mindset focus on development; they are always learning and growing. 

Resource: http://strategicdiscipline.positioningsystems.com/blog-0/mindset-fixed-or-growth


Inc.com shared these 8 strategies to shift to a growth mindset:

  1. Create A New Compelling Belief
  2. View Failure in A Different Light
  3. Skyrocket Your Self-Awareness
  4. Become A Curious Learner
  5. Challenges Are Your New Best Friend
  6. Love Takes You to The Top
  7. Tenacity That Ignites
  8. Massively Inspired by Others

#8 is my favorite! What’s yours? Check out the full article here: Shift to a Growth Mindset with These 8 Powerful Strategies.

Be on the lookout for more blog posts coming soon related to growth mindset & how it relates to recruiting, training, compliance & career development!

Taylor Simmons

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