Lessons from CO-OP

I was nervous about giving up my time in school to be in the Co-Op program. I wanted to be involved in as many things as I could. I didn’t want to have any regrets. The choice to Co-Op was not easy. I had to give up a few activities like soccer and chorus, but I made the right choice to do Co-Op. It was always hard for me to focus in school. I was always pretty much brain dead by 4th block. Now I only have two classes to focus on a day. My grades have improved because I

Are You A Free Agent By Nature?

Do these characteristics describe you and your work/life values?: I desire flexibility in my work (work hours, days, etc.). This is more important to me than the stability of a consistent check or the stable benefits a company can provide. I desire autonomy or control in how work gets done (when, where, etc.) Or to more bluntly sum up the above two bullets, quiet frankly I don’t like other people telling me what to do! I’d rather decide how things get done and be rewarded (or not rewarded) according to the outcomes I decide to achieve. I don’t mind taking risks

Moving BEYOND WORK- Our Company Values

Our challenge this year as a company is creating a scalability framework that can help us drive growth. Beginning this process in 2014 has helped us realize the value of values and of getting them down on paper. We help our organizational and individual clients do this on a regular basis, but have been behind the curve on practicing what we preach! Our company values that will drive our growth and services are: People First. We believe people are a company and community’s greatest asset. This is why we work to foster passion and productivity in people. We realize that

What Do You Envy?

Are you envious of the guy who has started his own restaurant? What about the attorney who has argued a case before the Supreme Court (this is one of the examples in Quiet)? How about the friend who is a stay-at-home mom by day, painter by night with happy kids and her art in galleries all over the country? Maybe you’re jealous of the teacher who inspires you when she talks with passion about what the students in her class are learning. You wish you had that kind of passion. In reading, Quiet- The Power of Introverts in a World

Help Your Child Discover

I’m going to completely contradict myself today, so hang on. In a previous post I stressed the importance of 10,000 hours of practice in order to achieve mastery in a given field, implying that if you are a student that wants to succeed in a particular arena, or if you are a parent wanting to help your child become successful, devote most of your time to a single effort.  Is a singular focus in the teen years the right thing? Does this set a child up for career success? I’m beginning to think not.  A singular focus in one thing may

The New Career Series: Your Light

As a child, I remember singing “This Little Light of Mine” in Vacation Bible School.  My favorite part was when we got to sing, “Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m gonna let it shine!”  I think I, in part, loved this section of the song because we got to yell the word, “NO!”  when yelling was hardly ever allowed in church or at any other place for that matter.               Now as a career and leadership coach, I find that I love this part of the song because shouting a resounding “NO!” to hiding your “light” under a

Flexibility to Reduce Workplace Stressors

I attended a seminar last week discussing ways to improve productivity and communication in the workplace. One thing that stood out to me in the presentation was the emphasis the presenter placed on eliminating stressors so that people could be innovative and creative. He placed a value on innovation and creativity as the only differentiating factors in creating a sustainable advantage. What if standard or traditional work arrangements are creating workplace stressors and reducing innovation and creativity? This leads me to consider a tie to a book I mentioned last week,  The Elephant and the Flea  and its emphasis on