You Go Jennifer Lawrence- Girls, Know and Stand-up for What You’re Worth

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s highest paid female actress still doesn’t make as much as her male counterparts. And she’s pissed. But who she is pissed at may surprise you. She’s mad at herself. You can see more on the story that aired on NBC Nightly News last week here: Kudos to Jennifer. When we can take ownership of the issues that affect us personally, then we are on our way to fixing them. Blaming others doesn’t help the situation. Women (and men) knowing what they are worth is a critical step in that ownership, then being willing and able to

What are your Generational “Sticking Points”?

“The whole chair situation makes so much more sense now,” said a woman in a Generations in the Workplace seminar recently. As many of us looked at her perplexed, she went on to explain, “I bought new chairs for our office. I can’t get those in earlier generations to use them. They said the old ones are just fine. I can’t get the newer generation to quit standing up in them so they can talk to someone over the cubicle wall.  I never knew how much headaches new chairs could cause,” she said with a sigh, but also some excitement in having

Could it Simply Be Your Generation?

There is a lot of hype out there today, and there has been for quite of a few years, regarding generations in the workplace. It has become one of the key topics to focus on when it comes to interoffice dynamics and diversity issues in the workplace. And its fun to talk about it and classify people as such. While it is obvious that different events and cultural norms shape us all and these things can help define a generation of people (for example, who is dumb enough to think that 9/11 and the computer haven’t shaped the thought processes,

How Millennial Are You?

We at Horizon Point love all things that could be considered as a personality quiz or assessment, especially if they can be tied to workplace dynamics. Although we recommend using only validated assessments for things like selection, training, coaching and teambuilding, we love a fun quiz that attempts to classify individuals along popular group lines every now and then. We came across Pew Research’s “How Millennial are You?” quiz, and just had to share it. Here’s the link to take it: Below is a graphic of my results. I am a millennial, so it seems fitting that I scored

4 Outdated Career Myths You Should Probably Forget

Guest blog post written by: Stephanie Seibel Have you ever noticed that your career looks nothing like Mom’s did? We’ve got a post-recession economy,technological advances resembling something from Gattaca, and a radically different generation of workers entering the labor force. It only takes one Google-second to realize that the entire world of work is changing. If the evolving work-world gives you a headache, here are 4 outdated career myths you can safely forget. 1) Get a Job “Jobs” are out but “gigs” are in. With the high costs of training and the short stay of workers, many employers now prefer independent

The Changing World of Work: Is the Policy Going to Die?

You all know I hate policies for the sake of policies. Rules follower I am not, so when I see that one of the potential trends in the way work is changing is a swing away from policies, I get excited. Now throwing policies out the window isn’t being adopted by all, case in point this experience I had recently but with the need for innovation and adaptability in order to attract and retain talent and therefore meet customer needs, trends are arising to simplify or scratch policies all together. For example, companies like Netflix have scratched vacation and sick

It Doesn’t Matter How and Where Work Gets Done. The Death of Office Space, Office Hours and the Employee-Employer Relationship.

My brother started a new job in business development for an international company about six months ago. His boss lives in Toronto. He lives in Memphis, TN. In fact, he didn’t meet his boss until after he was hired. He works from home, or his car, or an airplane, or a hotel room, a Starbucks or really anywhere as long as he has a WIFI connection and a cell phone, it doesn’t matter where he is. We at Horizon Point just finished a project on wage analysis. Neither I nor our other full-time employee did any of the number crunching for it.

What happened to the newspaper? How technology is changing the way we market and communicate

In my eight years at Red Sage Communications, change has been the norm rather than the exception. When I started with the website and marketing firm, most of our customers came to us for a basic website, a logo, a brochure, or some other similar basic item. Now, it is a website that is search engine optimized and mobile friendly, a strategic online advertising and social media plan, and advice on how to reach their customers since many of the traditional advertising and marketing methods are no longer working as well as they did not so long ago. The hard

If You Want to Make a Difference, Start a Business Not a Charity

“An idea hit me: Why not create a for-profit business to help provide shoes for these children? Why not come up with a solution that guaranteed a constant flow of shoes rather than being dependent on kind people making donations? In other words, maybe the solution was entrepreneurship not charity.” Blake Mycoskie, TOMS Shoes Although Blake and his TOMS shoes have spurred the whole concept of one-for-one business models, he isn’t alone nor the first to consider how business can be a cause. With decreasing government funding for charitable causes (and I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing)

The World of Work is Rapidly Changing. Are You and Your Organization Adapting?

The world, and especially the world of work, is changing at a rapid pace. In fact, from a technological perspective,Moore’s Law postulates that the rate of change is exponential, doubling on itself approximately every 18 months. Many of the things that are driving the changes in work are due to technology, but some are not. This month we will be exploring on the blog some of the key changes we are seeing in the world of work and what those changes mean for us, more specifically what they mean for us in terms of possibility and opportunity for the individual