1 Tip for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads Ready to Re-enter the Workplace

In talking with a successful realtor (see her story on Thursday’s blog post!) about her transition back into the workplace after ten plus years out of the pay-for- working world (believe me she WORKED while she was at home, she just didn’t get paid to do it) her advice to those seeking to do the same was simple:

Figure out where you frequent and pursue work opportunities there.

Where you frequent could be a physical place or it could be a place in your mind. For example, this stay-at-home mom turned realtor featured on House Hunters found that she loved looking at and thinking about properties and houses and also had a desire to promote the community she loved, which she had done quite frequently through volunteer work with the schools and the hospital in town. She realized that she could continue to promote the community through marketing and selling homes, and in fact, this could potentially be the best way for her to give back and make the most impact to promote her community.

In considering where you frequent look around and consider the jobs that may be available there.

  1. Where do you volunteer your time regularly? The animal shelter, library, volunteer centers, churches, etc. all have full and part-time positions that you may be suited for.
  2. Are you drawn towards volunteering frequently at your child(ren)’s school? Teaching or a role in education may be an option to consider. Check out this website for more information on how to get certified to teach state by state: https://www.teach.org/teaching-certification
  3. Love to shop? Where is your favorite place to shop? People get paid to work there! Ask about job opportunities that may be a fit for you at your favorite store.
  4. Have a hobby? There are probably people in the market for what you make or the skills you have. Check out this post on where you can tap into the “free agent” society for your goods and skills: Are you a free agent by nature?All of the following are platforms to do this:



Google Helpouts



If you are ready to enter the workforce again, our Beyond Work™Workbook can help you consider who you are, what your purpose is and how to map that purpose into a career. It is also chalked full of practical tools on resume writing, interviewing, networking and social media branding to help you seize the career you want.

Mary Ila Ward

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