The Point’s Top 5 Posts of 2021

2021 has been another interesting year. Despite the challenges experienced this year, we have strived to continue to provide insight on a wide variety of topics on The Point. We try to bring real-life scenarios and personal experiences into our writing. We’re always glad to help you on your quest for knowledge to better your career, your work environment, or your organization!

Here is a look back at The Point’s Top 5 Posts of 2021:

5. Hiring Incentives in 2021

4. 6 Steps for Planning and Implementing Effective Extended Leave

3. World Mental Health Day- October 10th, 2021

2. To Offer or Not to Offer: Pros and Cons of Sign-on Bonuses Post Covid

1. Taking a Walkabout

Thank you for a great year. Please visit us in 2022. We promise to keep you informed and entertained in the new year!

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Mary Ila Ward