Hiring Incentives in 2021

I’ve heard it said SO many times recently. If someone isn’t working, they don’t want a job. Incentives are EVERYWHERE! Why people aren’t taking these incentives is a whole different topic for another day, but you can check out this recent LinkedIn article for reasons other than generous unemployment benefits: What’s going on in the labor market?

While attending a conference last week, I spoke with a vendor from a staffing agency who was frustrated with his efforts to supply workers for their clients. He mentioned generous weekly bonuses and even better weekend bonuses. 

I noticed one organization offering a chance to win a car when they signed on to work; Read about here: Shrimp Basket offering a new car as a hiring incentive. The job market is hot! Everyone is hiring and providing incentives! Cash bonuses, cars, flex time – you name it!

Are you an employer struggling to find employees? Check out this article from Corridor Careers for ideas: 5 Incentives for Hiring (And Keeping) Employees Post Covid-19.

In Alabama, additional unemployment payments will end soon. Let’s hope these incentives are still available so everyone can benefit & get back to work! 

Compensation is just one piece of incentives and retention efforts. Did you know we do wage compensation studies at Horizon Point? Let us know if we can help!


Taylor Simmons