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Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting 

People first is one company value that I feel we do right at Horizon Point. As I prepared to step on the treadmill last night around 5:30pm, my phone rang. Knowing it was a work-related call that might take a few minutes, I answered it anyway. The person on the line was in California and seeking guidance on a credentialing application. Working with individuals across time zones means, we often get calls that aren’t in our “scheduled working hours”, but it allows us to make a difference in a much larger circle, even if we are conducting virtual training at 7:30am for a group in another country.

People First. We believe people are a company and community’s greatest asset. This is why we work to foster passion and productivity in people. We realize that in all our decisions, relationships come first, and we help our clients act as leaders by cultivating and building relationships that help drive passion and productivity.

Working in the realm of development, we are tasked with helping companies and individuals grow. To that end, “People First” truly is a priority. Here are just a few ways we strive to put people first:

  1. As HPC employees, our families always come first. Whether it’s a sick child, or a co-worker’s, we ensure our priorities are in order and lend a helping hand (for work or family) whenever we need to.
  2. Sometimes we realize Horizon Point might not be the right choice for a client, and we refer them to another organization that can better serve them. In the long run, clients appreciate placing their needs above making a sale.
  3. To touch on another company value, “Give Back”, another way we put people first is to volunteer in our community. Sometimes that means serving on a board or conducting a pro bono career coaching session to help someone who has been through a rough patch and needs guidance. This is personally my favorite way to put people first – by offering to help.

As I came on board with Horizon Point, I developed a personal mission statement that I feel fits nicely with our people first value. It reads: I will strive daily to present the best version of myself to clients, family, friends and others. I will work to empower others and help them in their journey to lead better lives.

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