Moving BEYOND WORK- Our Company Values

Our challenge this year as a company is creating a scalability framework that can help us drive growth. Beginning this process in 2014 has helped us realize the value of values and of getting them down on paper. We help our organizational and individual clients do this on a regular basis, but have been behind the curve on practicing what we preach!

Our company values that will drive our growth and services are:

People First. We believe people are a company and community’s greatest asset. This is why we work to foster passion and productivity in people. We realize that in all our decisions, relationships come first and we help our clients act as leaders by cultivating and building relationships that help drive passion and productivity.


Passion. We believe passion should be a key driver in the workplace. Therefore, we demonstrate passion in the work we do, hire individuals who are passionate about the work our organization engages in, and strive to help our clients discover, develop and maximize their passion through career and talent development processes. In order to help drive passionate decisions, we foster a value for creating self-awareness, developing personal and professional mission statements as well as values that govern mission.


Productivity. Along with passion, we believe productivity should be a key driver in the workplace. We believe passion and productivity go hand-in-hand and also drive quality and results. We demonstrate productivity by saying what we mean and following through on what we say we will do. We think strategically and act on that strategy through setting goals and helping our clients to do the same. We work to foster goal success through proven, behavioral based techniques and tools. We deliver work on time and in a quality manner and put processes in place when necessary to drive consistency in delivery of quality services and products.

To help drive passion and productivity, we don’t care how or where work gets done, just that it gets done in a way that meets client needs. This coincides with our desire to people first by allowing them the autonomy to make decisions based on their personal preferences. We believe this stimulates passion and productivity.


Continuous Learning. We believe continual learning is a key driver in creating passion and productivity in life and in work. To that end, we invest in the personal development of our people because we know that people are a company and community’s greatest asset (People First). We work with clients who believe in continuous learning and take steps towards continual self-improvement in order to maximize their passion and productivity.


Give Back. We strive to create passion and productivity, not for selfish gain, but because when we are at our best, we help others be their best self as well. We firmly  believe that by letting our light shine, we give others permission to do the same. When people are engaged in meaningful and fulfilling work the community is impacted in a positive way. Because we believe in giving back and in being good stewards of the faith that our clients put in us, we support organizations and causes that work to create passion and productivity by putting people first. This includes educational, entrepreneurial and workforce development initiatives with proven results which improve the lives of individuals, therefore improving the results of companies and the prosperity of communities.

What are your company’s values? What about your personal values? How do they drive how you think and how you act?


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Mary Ila Ward