FireSeeds’ Passion + Productivity = Give Back story

For FireSeeds, a recruitment and leader development company in Birmingham, Alabama, work is a place for impact. Founded by Cord Sachs and Justin Harris in 2011, the company exists to create multiplying movements of multiplying leaders in the for-purpose marketplace.

“We desire to connect integrity-filled leaders with companies who value their culture. We also create consistent and intentional leader development strategies for organizations through an online platform called,” said Will Riley, Marketing Director for the firm.

To FireSeeds staff, passion comes from impacting people. “It all goes back to our vision of creating multiplying movements. A movement happens when we place one of our leaders into a company culture where they have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. It’s a huge win for us, ” says Riley.

The passion FireSeeds has for multiplying leaders leads to a productive workplace. Once a quarter, the team reviews its vision, mission, and values to ensure that they are living them out. When calibrating focus towards purposeful work, FireSeeds asks two questions: Does it accomplish our vision and does it drive revenue?

FireSeeds has taken their passion for leader development and created a system to maximize it in WildSparq. We walk through every lesson and leadership resource before making it available to our companies. Through the use of the platform, motivation has increased, passion is further expressed, and individuals grow. The system allows the company to reward their employees for completing lessons, track their metrics of development, experience their teams on a personal level and teach one another with dynamic leadership content. “We believe this personal and professional development tool has revolutionized how we work,” says the FireSeeds team.

In addition, FireSeeds takes its focus of Passion + Productivity to give back beyond the walls of the organization.

“There are plenty of people in need, and we believe we have an opportunity to positively influence others. It’s grace. We love showing grace toward others. Two organizations we are involved with are Clerestory and Five Loaves. Clerestory aids people through recovery. Regardless of their broken past, individuals participate in classes where they learn valuable workplace skills so they can be ready to work again. We have volunteered and interviewed students to give them direct feedback on how they can improve their resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. Five Loaves is a company that employs graduates from Clerestory. They offer catering services that far surpass any event company we have ever seen. We continue to serve Five Loaves by having them cater meals to our team as well as refer them to other businesses in the Birmingham-metro area. We are continually going to numerous events these organizations host, so we can find creative ways to partner alongside one another and end poverty in the city,” says Riley.

The combination of a Give Back focus inside and outside the walls of FireSeeds can be summed up as this: “Plainly put, we want to focus our energy on infusing leaders who want to have an impact in work cultures, and work with companies who want to invest in their people. Development doesn’t just happen. It requires work!  We work, so we can give.”

Do you work so you can give?

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Mary Ila Ward

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