How Millennial Are You?

We at Horizon Point love all things that could be considered as a personality quiz or assessment, especially if they can be tied to workplace dynamics. Although we recommend using only validated assessments for things like selection, training, coaching and teambuilding, we love a fun quiz that attempts to classify individuals along popular group lines every now and then.

We came across Pew Research’s “How Millennial are You?” quiz, and just had to share it. Here’s the link to take it:

Below is a graphic of my results. I am a millennial, so it seems fitting that I scored as such. Interestingly enough, the article I read that mentions this quiz said that many people not a part of the millennial generation were testing more millennial than they thought.


Take the quiz for yourself and let us know what you scored. Are you more millennial than you think?  Do you think the questions accurately reflect issues effecting how millennial you might be or are there other factors you think that impact how someone would answer each question (for example, we think some of these questions may be more of a reflection of what part of the country you were born in than your generation). Let us know your thoughts!

Mary Ila Ward

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