6 Steps for Choosing Leadership Training Content and 7 Recommended Frameworks

We’ve had the opportunity to begin training a group of leaders for a client using a global curriculum the client developed.  As facilitators, we have the opportunity to take the quality content developed and structure learning in a way that allows the participants to apply the content to impact their behavior at work. Hopefully, this will lead them to invoke positive influence on those they lead and interact with. 

Any good training frames learning around well-researched models or theories.  And there are a lot of models and theories out there! How you sort through them all and determine what to use can sometimes be difficult. 

The keys, we believe, are to do a few things: 

  1. Create your content around key organizational values or outcomes you are trying to achieve.
  2. Choose well-researched models that follow the scientific method.
  3. Use models/theories that help convey the values/outcomes you are trying to achieve.
  4. Less is more! Don’t overload people with theory! 
  5. Encourage synergy across models and frameworks. How does one model connect with another, and more importantly, how do all the models connect with the overall training purpose? 
  6. Engage participants in applying their learning during the training as well as post-training on the job. 

Here are some models that we rely on frequently based on these above recommendations. Some of these we will cover in more detail in the coming weeks!

For innovating:

For leading effectively:

For navigating team development and success:

What leadership models and frameworks guide the way you lead?

Mary Ila Ward

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