4 easy steps to know which keywords to include in your resume

With all kinds of tools out there these days for a computer instead of a person to initially screen a resume, we get lots of questions about keywords.  What keywords am I supposed to include seems to be the critical question.

What keywords should I include?

You will know what keywords to include because they are in the job posting.  Tagcrowd.com  is the quickest and coolest way we’ve found to identify keywords by the frequency they appear in the posting.

What you do:

  1. Find a posting
  2. Copy and paste the posting into Tagcrowd.com
  3. View the word graphic it displays
  4. Make sure the biggest words are incorporated into your resume

Here’s an example:  On Indeed.com we did a simple search for “IT” positions.

Picking this one:


We pasted it into tagcrowd, and this is the result:

tagcrowd copy

If you were applying for this position, the key is to make sure you emphasize the marketing experience you have in social and content marketing.  Development software, writing, research, and Mircosoft product experience are going to be needed.  You’ll also need to emphasize ways you’ve collaborated and engaged others.   And see “bachelor” up there in the top right corner? You’re going to need a bachelors degree.

If you are wanting to develop a resume for a variety of openings, then search for openings in the area in which you are pursuing, copy and paste several of them into tagcrowd and look for consistencies.  The words that come up the biggest and most frequently need to be included in your resume.


Mary Ila Ward