3 Steps to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Job Search Ready

Ready to start a job search?  Know you need to have a presence on LinkedIn and other social media channels but don’t know where to start?  If you have no idea what LinkedIn is or don’t know where to start to create an account or profile, the first three levels of the LinkedIn plan below can get you well on your way to active social media networking and job search.

Level 1: Getting Started

Level 2:  Build your Network

LinkedIn uses an algorithm for search results that is impacted by the number of connections you have.  Therefore, it is critical to build your connections.  If your profile is good to go, then the next best investment of your time is to grow your network.

  • Send out invitations to connect  (the link describes a variety of methods to connect) with those you know by customizing your invitation to them.
  • Aim to make at least 500 connections.   Create a timeline to manage growing to this number.
  • Endorse your connections. Create a strategy for endorsing 10-20 people at least once a week.  Endorse those skills that you know the person has, don’t just blanket endorse others.
  • Request to connect to 2nd and 3rd degree contacts with introductions.  You have five available introductions at one time.
  • Accept invitations of people you know or have an indirect connection
  • What are groups?
  • Aim to join 10-15 groups
  • Target, search and join groups by:
    • Industry
    • College Alumni
    • Company/Business
    • Conferences
    • Trade Organizations
    • Nonprofit groups
  • Search for Job Openings

Level 3:  Get Active in your job search

Once you have your profile in tip-top shape and a growing network to tap into, you can search and apply for openings through LinkedIn.

How are you utlizing LinkedIn to maximize your job search?


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Mary Ila Ward