2013 Year In Review

This year, I made my professional and personal goals public in order to demonstrate one effective characteristic of goal setting- going public with them.

So, did going public help? Here’s how this year shook out:

Goal 1. Maximize productivity in the morning.

Result: Accomplished, but room for improvement. I didn’t get up as early as I had planned, and I really owe more credit to this happening to my running accountability partner and my early-bird three year old than I do myself. But, mornings have gone a lot smoother this year.

Goal 2. Grow company revenue by 30% or more in 2013.

Result: Accomplished. Revenue growth was 58% (gross profit), Net Income growth was 38%. We have been so humbled this year by the trust our clients have put in us, and the exciting and fun work we are getting to do!

Goal 3: Cook dinner and sit down as a family to eat at least four times a week. 

Result: A complete flop. One, I didn’t track it, so I couldn’t tell you how many times we did or didn’t do it specifically, and two, I know we didn’t come close to doing this. We sat in front of the TV with crap food more than I would like to admit.

Goal 4: Be committed (as I have been the last two years) to one day a week at home with my little boy.

Result: Almost, but not perfect. Stuck to this for the month of September where so many things hit at once work wise. He went to school three of the four Thursdays in September.

Goal 5: Express gratitude to those closest to me.  

Result: Accomplished in the sense that I tracked it this year and was more conscious of how I express appreciation to others, particularly those that interact with daily. On average, I sent one handwritten note to a person each week.

Goal 6: No debt except our house by the end of the year.

Result: Accomplished! Accomplishing goal #2 made this happen.

Goal 7: Read 30 books.

Result: Accomplished (just barely). Read 30. See Year End Book Review.

Other year-end review notes:

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Mary Ila Ward

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