3 Steps for Leading through Pressure & Change

Coal can’t be transformed into a diamond and a pearl can’t become a pearl without pressure and change.  We know that beauty is created through times of pressure and change. For leaders, it is often where the most growth and learning takes place. However, more often than not, it is less than enjoyable.  It is stressful. It is hard.  And this can keep us from learning and growing amidst the difficulty if we don’t know how to effectively handle it.  And if we are honest, in the world of leading and living today, when is there ever time that is

The Speak Out Act – Is More to Come?

Late last year President Biden signed the Speak Out Act into law. This law forbids employers from including sexual harassment and sexual abuse claims in Non-Disclosure Agreements. What many may not know is that the Speak Out bill that passed in Congress was a very different version than what was submitted originally. The original Speak Out bill mirrored the Silenced No More laws that are currently in place in fourteen (14) states, with two more considering similar bills. So why is this important information for companies to know? Take the Washington Silence No More Act as an example, it includes

Top 10 List on Space & Abundance

My first thought of space and I think of stars and galaxies, but what does it mean as it relates to Leadership, Career, Productivity and Purpose? Space is defined as a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied. It is also defined as the distance from other people or things that a person needs to remain comfortable. Some words used to describe space are boundless, vast and infinite. What does it mean to take up space or to hold space for others? Our 2023 theme is an abundance of space. Here are our top 10 quotes related

4 Lessons in Personality from Hamilton

Because we like to give experiences instead of stuff at our house, our daughter’s Christmas present was a trip to see Hamilton.  She loves the music and was so excited about her first big girl trip to the theater.  The first time I saw Hamilton was on Broadway, a week before the whole world shut down because of the pandemic.  I was not familiar with the storyline or the music then, so I was in overdrive trying to process all that I saw and heard.  I’m still in overdrive trying to process all I’ve seen and heard since then and

What I learned from Student Leaders this Month

I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate workshops with three student leadership groups over the past month. Check out Student Leadership – How are You Leading Today? to read more about the programs we facilitate and recommendations for student leaders.  Today, I’m reflecting on three things I’ve learned working with these amazing students. They are grateful for the opportunity to learn from others. One leadership class took time to write personalized thank you notes after I met with them. They were all grateful for different things, but the common theme was gratitude in general. Here is one of my favorite notes: