What I’ve found out about employment testing vendors

I’ve been vetting different off-the-shelf employment selection instruments for a client.  Here is my advice through questions you should ask yourself in the vetting process as well as some good sources I’ve found for off-the-shelf instruments.   Questions to ask yourself if you are considering adding a selection assessment:  1. Have I done a job analysis?  If not, you need to do one to know which dimensions your assessment needs to help you select for. 2.  After a job analysis, are my main issues in selection skill or will issues?   Do I need an aptitude or skills based test

Passions via your Holland Code

You’ve analyzed your talents and realize you, lets say, have knowledge and skills in the field of biology coupled with the ability to solve complex problems which may lead you to believe a career in medicine is appropriate for you.  But you don’t particularly enjoy any of these things and the thought of working with sick people isn’t appealing.   Just because you are good at something, doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy doing it, but oftentimes it does. We typically enjoy what we can do well quite simply because we are good at it.  This is where it is important to consider

Climbing the Ladder

2 TIPS FOR CLIMBING AND 2 TIPS FOR LEANING YOUR LADDER AGAINST THE RIGHT WALL In talking to some top performing college students today,  I realized that they have what it takes to climb the rungs: 1.  You don’t have to give them m&ms to motivate them.  They are self-motivated and conscientious.  This is a characteristic that employers want.  In fact, coupled with IQ, this is the greatest predictor of job performance across all jobs.  Here’s some more info on the analogy of the m&ms.    2.  They can wait for another marshmallow.  They have the ability to delay gratification

Talents: A real life example

Over the last week, I’ve given a lot of thought into which client I should highlight as an example of discovering talents.  There have been many, all unique, with so many talents to share.  I anticipate using this person as an example throughout the process of describing how you discover yourself and match it to the market, so it has been difficult to pick the “best” one. With much thought, I’ve decided to make this example personal.  No, I’m not going to describe myself and my journey, but I’m not going to use a paying client either.  Instead, I’m going