How To Toss Around Ideas

Today I saw a giant raccoon throw light bulbs to people at Space Camp. That’s a real sentence. 

Sprocket, loveable mascot of the Rocket City Trash Pandas, threw Horizon Point stress balls – made to look like light bulbs – to attendees of the 2024 Launch Tank Competition. It was a wild and wonderful moment. But let’s back up. 

John Kvach and his Singing River Trail team partner with LAUNCH and Innovate Alabama to host a business pitch competition for entrepreneurs in North Alabama, known as Launch Tank. “Our vision goes beyond the competition,” Kvach says. “We want to connect as many entrepreneurs to the Singing River Trail as possible, making North Alabama a better place to live, work, and play.”

This year, Horizon Point supported Launch Tank as a Seed Sponsor. If you know Horizon Point, then you may know that Give Back is one of our operating values, and each year we intentionally earmark a portion of the budget to financially support an initiative or two that we believe in. So, this week’s blog is all about celebrating the innovation happening in our own backyard.

Horizon Point is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), and we proudly support entrepreneurship and small business initiatives in our state. Mary Ila is an Advisor for EDPA’s Alabama Launchpad. I get to serve on the selection committee for Decatur Morgan CEO for high school students interested in entrepreneurship. We partner with The Catalyst, The E-Center, and the Alabama Network of Entrepreneurial Women. We believe in equal opportunity, and it’s a joy to support opportunity networks. 

When Launch Tank Co-Chair Lisa Mays said she might throw our Horizon Point light bulbs to people, we didn’t know John Kvach and Sprocket would start throwing them on stage. We also didn’t realize how symbolic it would be to throw light bulbs at an event built on innovation until Lisa said, “They’re like ideas! We’re just tossing around ideas!” We could not have said it better ourselves. 

We are so grateful for programs like these in our backyard, and it’s an easy decision to Give Back to Singing River Trail Launch Tank. After all, who doesn’t want to catch a light bulb from a raccoon? 

Want more? Check out the featured clip below or this article from WHNT. See the full list of finalists from Quad Cities Daily. 


Jillian Miles Massey