Passions through People, Things and Ideas & Other Cool Tools

Identifying your Holland Code is a good starting place to consider your passions, but it isn’t the only way to discover what truly cranks your tractor.

You can use the Find Your Point Worksheet to identify passions through the categories of people, things and ideas to determine career areas (the passion section starts on page 11).   Each item underlined in the worksheet is a link to jobs connected to that dimension.

Cool tools for finding your passion

Stanford Resources

Bureau of Labor Tool

Who Do you Want 2 B?

Questions to ask yourself

What do you spend your free time doing?

What do you loose track of time doing?

If you go to read something online, what is a site you visit most frequently? Or if you were to pick up a magazine or book, what do you read about? What is the subject that most interests you?

Mary Ila Ward

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