Establishing Leadership as a High School and College Student

As a high school or college student, leadership development should be at the top of your to-do list. According to Tim Elmore’s teachings: Every student can be a leader, because the true definition of leadership is the ability to influence.Mr. Elmore is the founder of Horizon Point Consulting’s Goal Setting Worksheet, a nonprofit that helps emerging leaders under the philosophy that each child is born with leadership qualities.

As you work towards your diploma or degree, you should also strive to establish yourself as a leader. Here are 7 ideas for developing your leadership skills along with resources to get you there:

Establish Clear Goals – Horizon Point Consulting’s Goal Setting Worksheet

Get Involved – The Freshman 15 Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Volunteer – 5 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

Get Organized – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Develop your soft skills – Six Soft Skills Everyone Needs

Inspire others – The Simplest Ways to Inspire People and Change Their Life

Find a mentor – 4 Tips for Finding Great Career Mentors

So, as you begin planning for your next semester, why not add leadership development to your schedule? Check outHabitudes for the Journey The Art of Navigating Transitions – a great resource for students aspiring to be leaders.

Mary Ila Ward

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