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Don’t Want to Wake Up With Regrets? Create a Mission Statement

Mission statements are critical to directing success.  Companies have them, why don’t individuals?  Having one can help you focus and reach what you want to accomplish in life by answering the who, what, why and how of you.  Its not a mission statement unless it is written down. Whether or not you are trying to make career or college decisions in your life, everyone needs to have a personal mission statement.

The exercises focused on identifying finding your talentspassions and values, for career purposes are a good starting place to help you discover your mission.  Just as the best place for shining your light for your career is at the intersection of these three things, so is your personal mission.   If you haven’t taken the time identify your talents, passions and values, I would encourage you to identify your top three in each area by looking at the resources here on the blog that have focused on talents, passions and values throughout 2013.   When you define your mission, you should be able to live out your talents, passions, and values through it.

Don’t want to wake up with regrets?

We use a workshop called The Power of 3 to walk people through creating personal mission statements, goals and success strategies for themselves in order to help them insure they are living life to the fullest.   They help people not wake up one day with a whole list of regrets.  Mission statements also help people say no to things that aren’t inline with their mission (more on this later).

You can download the worksheet to this workshop here: Power of 3 Worksheet.

We’ll be talking about each area as they relate to being successful over the next few weeks.

Here are some other tools for creating a mission statement for yourself:

What is your personal mission?


Mary Ila Ward