Company Values: Are You Learning?

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting 

During a recent workshop with junior high students, one topic we discussed was becoming an apprentice for life. Now, more than ever, continuous learning is relevant regardless of your industry (or your age). At Horizon Point, it is one of our core values, and it is one of my favorite things about my career and the company I work for.

Continuous Learning. We believe continual learning is a key driver in creating passion and productivity in life and in work. To that end, we invest in the personal development of our people because we know that people are a company and community’s greatest asset (People First). We work with clients who believe in continuous learning and take steps towards continual self-improvement in order to maximize their passion and productivity.

Soon, HPC will be having a quarterly planning meeting. Unlike most meetings, it’s not something we dread. We look forward to sharing successes, checking in on our annual goals and determining priorities for the upcoming quarter. One item that is always on the agenda is continuous learning (or professional development). Again, this isn’t something we dread, we select our own professional development and as long as we keep the budget in mind, we always get the “go-ahead” to do it!

This is yet another way we live out our company values. We also incorporate this into the work we do with companies and individual clients. Is continuous learning part of your career? Check out these reads to learn more about continuous learning:

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