Book Review of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing


A book about perfect timing – Where have you been all my life? During my month-long sabbatical, I read several books. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink was my favorite. 

Could the time of day that we make decisions be significant? Could the time of day affect how well we learn or work? According to Dan Pink, it actually does. Pink takes a look at how our body functions naturally. Actionable items & tips are offered throughout the book.

To get started, you need to map your biological clock. Pink shares 3 categories based on natural daily patterns: peaks, troughs, and peaks. Once you determine your chronotype, your personal pattern of circadian rhythms, you can determine the best time to do certain tasks. 

Pink categorizes individuals into two areas – owl (late night/evening people) and larks (my morning peeps).  Once you know when your peak performance times are, you can focus on doing your most difficult tasks then. Plan to do your creative tasks during your troughs when you have less energy. These ebb and flow based on age also. (Note: I highly recommend this for educators!)

A new year has arrived, learn to master perfect timing by checking out this great read!

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Taylor Simmons

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