An Ode to Mollie and All High School Graduates: Seek Joy

It’s that time of year. The cusp of summer means high school and college graduations. The end of something and the start of another. A time of transition.

Mollie, a high school Co-Op student who has worked with us, graduates today.  She’s been a sheer joy to work with because of her sweet spirit and willingness to do anything and everything without a question or complaint even when I’ve dumped mind-numbing spreadsheet work on her.   She has done an outstanding job writing most of our Thursday blogs this spring, giving great advice to students and parents about career and college preparation.  And most importantly, she is great with my kids. Her curly hair, our son has found, is the best race track for toy cars.  Mollie, thanks for letting him turn your head into a race track!

As I think about what advice to give to Mollie or any graduating senior, I can’t say it any better than country music (and definitely not better than Sandra Bullock). In the words of Darius Rucker, realize “It won’t be like this for long.”   So ENJOY it.

Enjoy it by finding the root of the word- joy.  In the words of Sandra (Bullock that is) at her surprise graduation speech this week, “It’s the joy that stays with you.”

Find joy in:

  1. The work you end up pursuing
  2. In people

Mollie wrote about wanting to be a Child Life Specialist.  After a particularly trying set of medical tests this past week with our son, we realized the value of a Child Life Specialist during one procedure with him.  Mollie, you’d be great at this.  But don’t give up on the dream job of antique hunting.  You can do both, and being a child life specialist is kind of like babysitting.

Most of all, Mollie, and all graduating seniors out there, share in joy with others. You’d be great as a Child Life Specialist because you would bring joy to children and parents through who you are.

Mollie, we sure have enjoyed you- thank you.  Keep being you and the world will continue to be more joy-filled because you are here.

Mary Ila Ward

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