An Authentic Resume… What Sets You Apart?

Guest blog written by: Taylor Simmons, Horizon Point Consulting

While we are contemplating authenticity, how does this relate to the job seeker, and in particular, his or her resume? This week I’ve spent some time reviewing resume assignments for our facilitating career development course. It’s amazing how many formats and takes there are on the traditional resume. As a job seeker, your resume is the key to getting your foot in the door. So, how do you present the best possible version of yourself in two pages or less, and how can you ensure it is authentic?

Resumes are tricky. I always recommend having a master resume that you can adjust based on the position for which you are seeking. I encourage clients and participants of our course to seek out the employers’ point of view when applying for a job and crafting a resume. What sets you apart from other candidates is your authenticity. So, how can you accomplish this?

  1. Always, always, always be honest. Even if you have a gap in your employment history, don’t adjust dates to cover yourself. You can simply add in the productive work you did during your off time (classes taken, volunteer work, etc.). You can also provide insight in your cover letter. Once you are offered the opportunity to interview, you can provide details.
  2. Find out what the employer is looking for and share your expertise. I once took an online course in resume writing and the presenter shared something that I still remember today. “An employer is looking for one of three things from a candidate – for them to make the company money, save the company money, or save the company time.” You can often determine which one based on the job description. Once you know, show how you have done this in previous positions, providing “authentic” quantitative data (saved XYZ company X amount of dollars by implementing this process, etc.)
  3. Utilize LinkedIn to truly share your authenticity. LinkedIn is a great way to share your professional experience with a potential employer. Believe it or not, many employers find passive candidates via LinkedIn. When colleagues are providing endorsements and recommendations, authenticity seems evident.


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