2019 Book of the Year

Ideas. They move the world forward. They make businesses and communities succeed through growth and innovation in an everchanging marketplace. But more importantly, ideas are important for what they do and create for the individual. Ideas illuminate us and those around us.

In our 2019 Book of the Year, What Do You Do With an Idea?, we can see how ideas impact the individual that then impact the world. Creating is one of the most special and meaningful things we can do as humans. And in order for us to create and generate ideas, we have to create homes, workplaces, and communities where people feel safe and have the margins of time to give to the art of thinking, creating, innovating, and bringing ideas to life.

When we create an environment for ideas to thrive, it’s magical. It transforms us. Then individuals, organizations, and communities can transform the world by sharing what’s created.

We spent much of 2019 launching a sister business- MatchFIT– based on the idea that employers need to connect with employees and vis versa in a better way. We have taken the dating site model and applied it to employee and employer relationships based on a values-driven approach.

In 2020, we hope you have the safety and time to create. To generate ideas and help others do the same. We will be striving for this as well, for ourselves and for our clients.

What do you want to create in 2020?

Mary Ila Ward

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