10 Quotes on Brave Leadership from Brene Brown at #SHRM19

“Leadership isn’t about having all the right answers. It’s about having all the right questions.”

“You cannot opt out of fear and feelings. Determine what fears and feelings are leading to behaviors. Don’t play whack a mole with bad behaviors. Address fears and feelings directly.”

My Favorite: “If you cannot have hard conversations because they are making you uncomfortable you won’t be leading in the next five years.  And it’s not the responsibility of the target of the conversation to prompt it.  It is your job as a leader.” 

“Courage is teachable, observable, and measurable. Fear is the biggest barrier to it.”

“Vulnerability is not full disclosure and oversharing. It’s not crying. It’s leaning in and staying authentic when things are tough.”

“It’s better to not have (organizational) values if values aren’t operationalized into behaviors.”

“Clear is kind.  Unclear is unkind.”

“The number one trust-building behavior: asking for help.”

“The best kind of generosity is the assumption of positive intent.”

“The most resilient people ask themselves, ‘The story I’m telling myself is….’  then they check in on it directly. What are you making up? Check the narrative to get the right meaning.”


Mary Ila Ward

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