Who Keeps You Accountable?

If you’re a goal-oriented person, having someone to keep you accountable for your personal and professional goals may seem trivial. Why would you do that if you are able to keep yourself accountable for your own goals? However, the best way to keep yourself on track with goals and actually make the journey through your goals more meaningful is to have some partners in crime to keep you on track no matter how focused and motivated you are. That’s why the Power of 3 Worksheet points to establishing three accountability partners to help you live your mission.   An example may

4 Ways to Convert Values into Behaviors

Last week to kick off the new year, we discussed starting with a focus on creating or revisiting individual and/or organizational values.   Values are a great place to set an ideal, but how do you make that a reality?   As Brene Brown says about values:  One reason we roll our eyes when people start talking about values is that everyone talks a big values game but very few people actually practice one. It can be infuriating, and it’s not just individuals who fall short of the talk. In our experience, only about 10 percent of organizations have operationalized their

SPECIAL FEATURE! BBB Torch Awards Speech

On November 15th of this year, Mary Ila was asked to speak on Character at the BBB Torch Awards. Her topic was inspired by our Horizon Point book of the year named Hidden Potential by Adam Grant. Mary Ila wasn’t able to attend, but Jillian showed up and presented in her place. We hope that you enjoy this special treat from this year’s event. Thank you for the opportunity to be here today.   The BBB team across North Alabama does a tremendous job in fostering workplace ethics and we are happy to be a part of the organization as

Second Chances

Who among us has not needed a second chance in life? Have you been extended that grace? In my life I have been given chance after chance and have needed that opportunity to fail and to learn from those failures. When prisoners are released they are told that they cannot carry a fire arm and will not be eligible to vote but most times are not warned of the invisible barriers that exist in finding a job, housing or transportation. For example, you are good enough to buy a car but you cannot sell cars for a career. You must

Space to Focus

    It has been a busy month. We call it Maycember, busy like December but without the gifts. Focusing during a busy month or busy season can be tricky. Not only is May a busy work month, wrapping up one big project to begin the next, it is also a busy season for me personally. My daughter’s high school graduation is tonight and focusing is something I’m struggling with right now. Juggling so much makes it difficult to focus. However, this isn’t my first rodeo with busy seasons. Working moms do this time and again. We are fortunate at