AI Isn’t Replacing Jobs, Rather, It’s Writing Them

This week we continue our exploration of AI. I must admit, I’ve been hesitant to give AI a chance. Given the ethical and legal concerns with its use and my own personal worries about whether it can perform for my needs, I saw no reason to engage with it. These past few weeks however, I’ve been testing its applications within the work place for HR-related tasks. Recently, I’ve been working on a compensation project that involved pulling market data, and reviewing job descriptions. I felt it would be a good opportunity to test AI and its research and writing capabilities.

AI and HR- A Series

How would your grandmother state your organizational values? Well, ChatGTP might give you some insights.  As I sat down with a client to help them form their values statements after the values mapping session I facilitated, we decided there were a few words that just weren’t right. They were close, but we needed a better word or two, so we stuck what we had into ChatGTP. After various takes on the language, including how your southern grandmother would say it-with of course, several “bless your hearts” thrown in from ChatGTP and some laughter from us- we landed on descriptors that