Open the Door and Expose Toxic Workplace Cultures

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending NASHRM’S 2024 Spring Workshop supporting my team member Lorrie Coffey. She gave an energizing presentation on Handling Toxicity in the Workplace, complete with getting knocked upside the head with a Horizon Point lightbulb stress ball. So, what does a toxic workplace look like? Let’s open the door and expose toxic workplace cultures. Lorrie started off by giving the definition of toxic and said that it’s an extremely harsh, malicious or harmful quality. She went on to give examples from social media of people talking about their current workplaces. One employee said,

A Tale of Two Employers: Workplace Appreciation

colleagues shaking each other s hands

“Employees don’t quit their job, they quit their manager.” How many times have you heard that phrase? Have you ever identified so much with it, thinking its origin may in fact be you for how well it resonates with your experiences? Well, I have.  I worked with a large company for almost 3 years, holding 2 different jobs within that time, searching for a position that would maintain my attention and highlight my skills coupled with a manager who would invest in me as both an employee and a person. In those 3 years, I found neither of those things

3 Business Lessons from a Weekend at Disney World

photo of person holding balloons

I recently spent a weekend at Walt Disney World. It sucked, and I loved it. It rained a gazillion inches for 48 straight hours. My shoes and socks got soaked twice. I walked 5 miles with squishy, cold, wet feet. My iPhone got water in the charger port, so I couldn’t charge my phone. It sucked. And I loved it.  It’ll be crowded and hot with long lines and tired feet, but I’m already excited about the next trip. All because of 3 basic business lessons we can all learn from Disney. 1. Moments are powerful. Standing in the rain

Open the Door to Growth, Grit and Yourself

A few weeks back, we introduced our series related to our theme for the year, open the door. As usual, when I have a blog post to write, the universe gives me lots of opportunity to practice. What’s on the menu for this week? Opening the door to growth, grit and yourself. Currently, my level of frustration due to lack of “rest” is on an 11 out of a 10 point scale. I feel like I have been around the world and back, and my soul needs a good ole sabbath. My workout this morning took every ounce of effort

 Open the Door to New Perspectives

The President of ATD Birmingham (and my friend) recently shared insights on The Leadership Pipeline with a room full of talent development professionals. I’m sure he said many, many great things, but the one thing I remember (and have talked about nonstop since then) was the idea that the first rung on the ladder of leadership is the hardest to climb.  The first time you shift from being an individual contributor to being a manager is like putting on a pair of glasses that no longer work. We know an upward move in our careers means upgraded responsibilities, but we