Do You Need to Raise Your Wages?

Steve Boese had a great blog post recently titled “CHART OF THE DAY: Your semi-regular labor market update”. In it, Steve shares charts that show the unemployment rate dropping below 4% for the first time since 2000 and the average time to fill for positions continuing to trend upward.  It’s a great post, read it.  If you’re a business owner, HR pro, recruiter or anyone that remotely has a pulse on hiring, it gives credence to the pain you are probably already feeling. Where can we find good people to fill positions?  Heck, I had someone tell me the other

4 Ways to Increase Your Candidate Pool

My LinkedIn Daily Rundown feed started out today with “Jobs are cutting experience requirements….” Reporting that, “an extra 1 million jobs were opened up to candidates last year with “no experience necessary.’” There is a lot of buzz about the hot job market now with the unemployment rate at a pre-recession low. But what do you do to fill jobs in this economy? As the Daily Rundown suggests you can: Lower requirements.Whether it be experience, education or skill requirements, lowering them can increase candidate pools. I often find that job descriptions have qualifications in them that really aren’t “required” to be successful