The Misconceptions of Business Continuity Planning

Written by: Lorrie Coffey, Horizon Point Consulting Last week I had the privilege of leading a workshop in partnership with the Huntsville-Madison Chamber of Commerce to discuss Business Continuity Planning with leaders in our area. The Covid-19 Pandemic caught many organizations unprepared and they have struggled through how to keep their business going during this time.  One reason for the lack of preparedness is misconceptions organizations have regarding Business Continuity Planning.  Misconception #1: My organization doesn’t have the time to create a Business Continuity Plan. And besides, we’ll never need it.  Yes, Business Continuity Planning takes time. It’s not something

Preparing for the Worst: Business Continuity Planning

Written by: Lorrie Howard, Horizon Point Consulting Hurricane Florence had residents and businesses along the East Coast scrambling to prepare for what could have been a catastrophic event. Even though the storm was downgraded, it still had a major impact on some areas hit. My mother, who lives in Northern Virginia, found it hilarious when I called her and made her go down the storm preparation checklist: Non-perishable food? Check. Flashlights and batteries? Check. Candles and matches? Check. Bottled water? Check. Of course she had each item, but I had to make sure just for my own peace of mind.

Webinar Series

4th Webinar – Compensation is Cool! Date: July 9, 2020 Time: 1 to 2:30 PM CT Register Here Event Description: Big data is at our fingertips, but are we really sure what to do with it? Companies who utilize data to create distinct compensation plans have more success with hiring, performance management, streamlined financial processes, and more. This workshop will cover best practices and resources for finding and utilizing data to make strategic, competitive compensation and benefit decisions.Content includes: Case studies on compensation plan design Resources for finding data and the value and methods for using regional wage surveys to

Defeating the Kobayashi Maru, the No-Win Situation

My 13-year-old came to me last week and said “Mom, we are living through history. In five to ten years, kids will learn about this pandemic in history class and I’ll be able to say ‘yeah, I was there’!” And he’s right.  Students will hear about how our world came together to fight COVID-19. They will be amazed by the fact that we quarantined, that so many businesses had to close their doors, but hopefully, they’ll be inspired by the way we innovated to overcome this pandemic and support those in the front lines.  I don’t know that we ever

Audit & Outsourced HR

Audit & Outsourced HR We audit and handle all of your Human Resource functions in an innovative way. Horizon Point can be your HR department.   We work with many growing small to mid-sized businesses who have grown to the point where they need full-time HR support.  We can be that for you. In addition, we can help you know where you are with your HR function by auditing what you are currently doing against compliance standards, but more importantly, against best practices standards. Contact us if you need: An HR compliance audit An HR assessment against talent management best practices

What We Do

We Grow People Engagement We help organizations stand out from the crowd by focusing on the engagement and growth of their people. Our engagement services focus on: Developing and administering surveys to assess engagement and then creating plans to address engagement challenges and capitalize on workplace strengths Training leaders on how to drive engagement and innovation in the workplace Directing and supporting changes in policies and procedures to help companies recruit and retain today’s top talent, leading to best place to work status. Assessing organizational talent levels to develop strategic talent management plans, talent management prescriptions and succession plans (we