4 Tips for Landing the Internship That Will Set You Up for Your Dream Career

Written by guest blogger: James Mitchell of Intern Solutions In many cases, successful careers with great companies start with an internship. Internships are the best way to prove your value to the company through work ethic, determination, and demonstrations of your capability. Of course, getting an internship is not unlike securing a job. There is a process to follow that includes applying and interviewing, just like a permanent position. Even if you decide the company isn’t right for you, the lessons you will learn by simply applying and interning will give you the skills you need to land the job

Leaders, Pace Yourselves with 3 Tips from an Elite Runner to Do So

Week 7 Mileage: 35 miles Long Run Distance:  16 Our training crew took part in the Hartselle Half Marathon to cover our 13-mile long run last week. It’s a quaint race through back roads of farmland. With a field of only 260 runners, cooler temps (finally!), and a volunteer crew that epitomizes southern hospitality, it was a great way to kick off a weekend. I went into a race, much to my husband’s aggravation (he likes a game plan even more than I do), without a particular time goal or strategy. I just wanted to enjoy the run and see where it took me based

Paid Parental Leave

Did you see where Trump announced a plan for paid family leave? Smart move Mr. Trump.  Love him or hate him you’ve got to give him credit, this was a smart political move to draw the female vote, especially given that his opponent might have a leg up on the female voter pool. The day after this announcement, I got this information from a friend (who is in fact pregnant): The gist is this: “The United States is at a crossroads in its policies towards the family and gender equality. Currently America provides basic support for children, fathers, and mothers in

Leaders, Do You Surprise and Delight?

Week 5 Mileage: 32 (I only ran 28- I fell down the steps on Sunday and my foot looked like this for the beginning of the week.) Long Run Distance:  13 (Half- Marathon Race)   We ran 14 miles last Saturday, the longest distance my husband and training partner have ever run.  It went fairly well, but running towards the “finish line” of this run topped it off as a memorable one. As we rounded the corner, we could see that someone had left four cold beers on the curb for us.  Our neighbors had timed our return and set

The Job Market is Tight Again- What’s Your Strategy?

    Although the great recession of 2008-2009 is still a fixture in many peoples’ minds, the job market has changed substantially since those recession years.   I’m hearing more HR pros and business leaders complain about not being able to source and hire quality talent in a broader set of areas than usual.   We aren’t just complaining about the need for computer programmers and skilled tradespersons anymore. According to the latest BLS Report on job openings and labor turnover,  “Job openings have trended upward since their series low in July 2009, and have surpassed the prerecession peak (April 2007). In

Leaders, Take your Meetings on the Road

Week 5 Week 5 Mileage: 32 Long Run Distance:  14   When you are training for a marathon, you spend a lot of time with the people you are training with.  Thirty-two miles for us this week equaled about three to three and half hours together on the road. You would think we would run (no pun intended) out of things to talk about. But we don’t. Whether it is talking about the weather (when on earth is this heat going to let up??), talking about sports (college football kicked off last week in case you missed it), politics and

Millennials Don’t Feel Entitled to Your Job,They Want You to Help Them Chart Their Career

The generation of participation trophies, therefore, the generation of entitlement.  Therefore, the group that thinks their degree, or maybe just the mere fact that they breathe, entitles them to the CEO seat 18 months in.  You’ve heard it all.   And if they don’t get that CEO seat, by the way, well they are also a generation of job hoppers. But when you talk to most millennials (myself included), you’ll find that they don’t want or expect to have the top job 18 months in, but they may want it at some point in their life.  And isn’t that a good

How Millennials Like to Work and Run  

Week 4 Week 4 Mileage: 31 Long Run Distance:  13   I don’t just run to run, and I don’t just work to work. I run for the health benefits, which is probably the most common reason cited to run, but I also run for the social camaraderie,  for good conversations, and for the endorphins and productivity it produces. I’m sure there are more reasons, but for now, that will do. Oh, and because it provides good ideas for blog posts. I work, as many primarily do, in order to provide for my family along with my husband. But I

A Final Word on How to Create an Innovative Organization

I’ve been focused over the past couple of months writing about how to create innovation in the workplace.  Really, being an innovation leader comes down to one simple question: Do you believe people are fundamentally good? Because if you do, you are led to: Hire for diversity Give people freedom with trust at the core Structure rules that help people exhibit the good instead of bringing out the bad  So, do you believe people are fundamentally good? Innovate or die.   Like this post? You may also like: Leading through Expectations and Empathy 3 Questions for Balancing Empathy and Expectations

You Gotta get a Mantra to Run and Lead Well

Week 3 Mileage: 27 miles (with 6 on the elliptical for cross training) Long run distance: 11 miles   “Just keep swimming.” “Crush it.” My two running mantras.  The one I use depends on how I’m feeling. The swimming reference from Dory in Finding Nemo is my go to when I just want to stop. When I really just want to quit and take it to the house.   I say it to myself often, like on our long run last week when it was blazing hot, and Drew and I both wanted to quit. The Brad Paisley song “Crushin’ It”