You Need to Question Yourself.

If you want to be able to actually live by your mission everyday, then you need to create a list of at least three questions to askyourself daily. For example, if your mission is to become a best-selling author, what do you think would be some questions that you would need to ask yourself daily? The most obvious one would probably be:  Did I write today? Others may be, Did I read something new today?  (Good writers are always avid readers, at least in my opinion).   After you have something written you want published, one of your questions may be, Did I reach out to

Do you have a better half? A final word on Leadership Lessons for College Football

I’ll admit, after writing about leadership lessons gleaned from Nick Saban and college football over the last several weeks, even I’m beginning to tire about all the hype over the man.   As Warren St. John points out in his GQ article on Saban,  many people associate him with the devil.   (Note:  Even if you don’t like football, read St. John’s article, he is a fabulous writer.) Love him or hate him (in the sake of full disclosure, we love him at our house), one thing I got out of St. John’s article, among many is that Saban has a better half.  “Ms. Terry”. St. John writes, “The role of