3 Steps to Get Your LinkedIn Profile Job Search Ready

Ready to start a job search?  Know you need to have a presence on LinkedIn and other social media channels but don’t know where to start?  If you have no idea what LinkedIn is or don’t know where to start to create an account or profile, the first three levels of the LinkedIn plan below can get you well on your way to active social media networking and job search. Level 1: Getting Started Create your Account Download the Pulse App on your phone or tablet Create your Profile- Your profile is the number one way to get noticed.   It is worth it to spend

3 Tips for Growing Your Career

Career growth and transition is an area that I’m not only interested in discussing, it’s something I’m personally invested in as well. I have had some great experiences, and many of the career growth opportunities at first seemed to be due to chance. As time goes on, I have become more strategic about seeking and selecting opportunities for growth and transition. Today we’ll look at both sides of the coin and some strategies you can implement to improve your own results. Growing Your Career My career started at the ripe old age of 12. I was working for my parents’

Career Change for Doctors

Ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up (or better yet, ask his or her parents what they want him or her to be), and I’ll put money on the fact that the kid will tell you they want to be A) A doctor B) A lawyer or C) An Indian Chief. Well, maybe not an Indian Chief, but what person or parent of a child has not at one time aspired to be a physician?  With the hope of helping people while at the same time making a lot of money, it’s no wonder being

6 Steps and Tools for Better Networking

Last week, we discussed the importance of networking because Computers Don’t Give People Jobs- People Do. If you still aren’t convinced of this based on the data presented last week, then here is another tid-bit of data for you: According to this chart, networking encompasses almost half of the way that companies fill job openings. So the proof is there. If you want to get a job, the best way to do it is to network. But how do you do it? Here are some steps along with a Networking Log to help you track this process: Set a networking

Computers Don’t Give People Jobs- People Do.

A recent LinkedIn group posting by a job seeker asked the question, “Tons of  applications vs. networking (in a new place) – Which might work best?” While applying online for openings is a necessary component to job search, I think this chart and table answers the job seeker’s question clearly: Mark S. Granovetter, a sociologist at Harvard, investigated how people get jobs. His study included professional, technical, and managerial workers who recently found jobs, and the chart shows the methods by which jobs were obtained. Granovetter’s data also indicated that of the people who found jobs through personal contacts, 43.8%

Are You A Free Agent By Nature?

Do these characteristics describe you and your work/life values?: I desire flexibility in my work (work hours, days, etc.). This is more important to me than the stability of a consistent check or the stable benefits a company can provide. I desire autonomy or control in how work gets done (when, where, etc.) Or to more bluntly sum up the above two bullets, quiet frankly I don’t like other people telling me what to do! I’d rather decide how things get done and be rewarded (or not rewarded) according to the outcomes I decide to achieve. I don’t mind taking risks

What Do You Envy?

Are you envious of the guy who has started his own restaurant? What about the attorney who has argued a case before the Supreme Court (this is one of the examples in Quiet)? How about the friend who is a stay-at-home mom by day, painter by night with happy kids and her art in galleries all over the country? Maybe you’re jealous of the teacher who inspires you when she talks with passion about what the students in her class are learning. You wish you had that kind of passion. In reading, Quiet- The Power of Introverts in a World