2024 Wage & Benefit Survey for North Alabama

Tips & Tricks for Easy Survey Completion

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Regional Data with 12 Participating Counties

The North Alabama Wage & Benefit Survey is hosted by the North Alabama Industrial Development Association (NAIDA), North AlabamaWorks, NARCOG, NACOLG, and 12 Participating Counties. The purpose of the annual survey is to collect and report wage and benefit data for industries in the region.

The 2024 Wage and Benefit Survey is currently scheduled to launch in April 2024. Information about participant registration is provided below.

Why Participate?

By participating, each company receives a comprehensive report of wage data across industries in the region. This report helps companies make informed, strategic decisions about compensation and benefits for Executive, Management, Production, Administrative, and other occupational groups in order to remain competitive and retain top talent. Data can be viewed at the regional level or filtered down by County, City, Company Size, and more.

What Information Will We Be Asked to Provide?

You will be asked to provide demographic information, company and HR data, general pay practices, and compensation data by job title. The data being requested is for the last quarter of 2023, or as of 01/01/2024, to adhere to FTC Safe Harbor guidelines.

Identifying company information will be protected and will not be visible to other participants.

The survey will also have questions about benefits. Categories include, but are not limited to:
– Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage
– Life Insurance
– Retirement Plans
– PTO/Leave Policies

To help participants prepare data, a complete list of questions is available as a Microsoft Excel Workbook. Download the 2023 question set here: Excel Workbook

Survey Administration

The survey will be hosted on the Sensible Surveys platform and will be administered by the Horizon Point team. Sensible Surveys is user-friendly and intuitive, allows users to save progress and return later, and produces interactive, exportable reports for users once the survey results have been compiled.

A user guide for the platform can be downloaded here: Wage Survey User Guide

Each company will have one Sensible Surveys account tied to the email address of the primary user. If needed, the primary user can share login credentials with colleagues to enter data under the same unique user account. This protects user and company privacy by having a singular access point.

Questions about completing the survey should be directed to info@horizonpointconsulting.com.

How Do I Participate?

Registration is open through March 31 via the registration form below. After March 31, contact info@horizonpointconsulting.com to be added to the registration list.  

The primary user for each company will receive an email from Sensible Surveys to log in and set up their account when the survey launches in April 2024.

Wage Survey New Participant Webinar - On-Demand

This webinar is for first-time participants and provides an overview of the survey, how to prepare, and more.

Regional Partners

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