Leadership Executive Coaching

Micor Industries is a mid-sized and growing machine shop in Decatur, Alabama. With a desire to continue company growth by growing leaders, Micor first used Horizon Point to provide leadership coaching services to its Vice President. Because of the results seen through the initial engagement, Micor has been a client of Horizon Point’s over several years, using its customized 360° evaluation and intensive one-on-one coaching process to maximize its talent in order to drive company growth and profits for several members of the company leadership team.

Feedback from the coaching has shown:

Dave Ponegalek, the company Vice President, had this to say about Horizon Point’s services:

“I would highly recommend Horizon Point Consulting! The leadership training put in place for a newly formed management team was instrumental in their buy-in to our new management system and holding everyone accountable to our company goals. They ultimately improved communication by working together by understanding each other’s positions, improved company processes with efficiencies, and ultimately improving profits as well. Horizon Point Consulting executed to perfection!”