Total Employee Engagement

Carpenter Technology Corporation is a manufacturer of specialty metals with a focus on “engineered materials for a changing world.”  The company opened a flagship facility in Alabama in 2013, with a focus on innovative talent management practices also for a changing world.

Horizon Point began working with Carpenter initially to provide 360° assessments and coaching feedback for specific leaders at the Alabama facility.   Over the last year, Horizon Point has continued to partner with Carpenter to drive innovation in their workplace.  This has included:

  • More in-depth leadership assessment and coaching
  • Implementation of a leadership development assessment and coaching program. This program was designed to help discern and coach internal talent towards leadership opportunities based on key leadership competencies of the organization. Horizon Point initially conducted the one-on-one feedback to team members, but has now trained internal HR associates to conduct these feedback sessions.   
  • A comprehensive employee engagement program which included:
    1. Administration of an engagement survey including the communicating/messaging to employees about the survey (pre and post survey)
    2. Analyzing and reporting the data in an easy to use format. This included segmenting the data by various workforce characteristics, departments and leaders for internal and external comparison purposes.
    3. A report with suggested action items by priority to address any issues and capitalize on key company strengths as seen through the data. A presentation of these findings along with a report around themes was delivered.
    4. Training company leaders on how to drive engagement in the workplace, which included a specific process to help drive annual site goals and objectives.

“Horizon Point’s exceptional talent management services has been instrumental to meeting our vision of an innovative and engaged workforce.”   Jim America, HR Executive, Carpenter Technology Corporation – Athens Operations