Leadership Executive Coaching


Hexcel Corporation is a global leader in manufacturing advanced composite materials for the commercial aerospace, space and defense, and industrial markets. Hexcel contracted with Horizon Point to deliver the Global Supervisor Training Programme developed by Hemsley Fraser to 23 Hexcel managers and supervisors over a six-month period. 

A training orientation was facilitated over a two-day session with managers to cover the purpose and objectives of the supervisor program and to train managers on supporting and incorporating the training into performance expectations. 

Horizon Point then delivered the 12-part program in six sessions to two cohorts of supervisors. Training topics included, but were not limited to:

  • Operating with Integrity
  • Building Trusting Teams
  • Empowering Others
  • Continuous Improvement

Kristy Terry, Hexel’s Human Resource Manager, had this to say about Horizon Point’s services:

“Horizon Point Consulting was instrumental in the successful execution of our Global Supervisor Training Programme. Jillian created an engaging environment that encouraged a high level of interaction between our teams allowing them to better understand our vision, values, and purpose. Their willingness to adapt to our changing schedules and business needs ensured that we will not hesitate to use Horizon Point for our future training needs.”