Customized DiSC Management Training

Daikin America partnered with Horizon Point Consulting, Inc. to design and facilitate training for Managers of People (MOPs) and Individual Contributors. Since Spring of 2019, Horizon Point has provided training to over 200 leaders at Daikin America, including executives and professional staff, in Decatur, Alabama, and Orangeburg, New York.

Training facilitation began with Top Executives and has cascaded down to Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Individual Contributors. Participants represented a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, as well as a variety of professional administrative professional technical roles. 

Horizon Point implemented a curriculum on our expert training topics of Understanding Yourself and Others, Basics of Leadership, Personal Leadership, Delegating, Communication, and Performance Management and Development. This customized training program also utilized the DiSC Management Profile. 

Daikin America continues to use Horizon Point for training, including using a Virtual Training Room in response to the workplace disruption in 2020.

Daikin America’s former HR Manager, Forrest Keith, had this to say about Horizon Point Consulting:

“Our experience has always been excellent. You and your colleagues at Horizon Point Consulting are subject matter experts and always deliver excellent value and performance.”