4 Ways to Convert Values into Behaviors

Last week to kick off the new year, we discussed starting with a focus on creating or revisiting individual and/or organizational values.   Values are a great place to set an ideal, but how do you make that a reality?   As Brene Brown says about values:  One reason we roll our eyes when people start talking about values is that everyone talks a big values game but very few people actually practice one. It can be infuriating, and it’s not just individuals who fall short of the talk. In our experience, only about 10 percent of organizations have operationalized their

The Best Place to Begin a New Year

Resolutions, Goals, Plans, and Turning Over A New Leaf.  This is the stuff that New Years are made of.  For individuals and organizations, the new year is always a natural place to think big and aim high.  And there is nothing wrong with this.  As 2023 came to a close, a theme we saw over and over again was the challenge many people were having in leading well. They were aiming high, but totally missing the mark. They had lost the people they were leading as well as themselves in the process, chasing some ideal they couldn’t even name.  So

The Point Blog’s Top 10 in 2023

From our Team to yours, we hope that you are enjoying the Holidays with your loved ones near and far. If you’ve had a little too much excitement, step back and do some light reading. We hope that you gain some space and perspective from The Point Blog’s most viewed posts of 2023.  10. 5 Steps to Help Determine the Essential Functions of a Job 9. 3 Steps for Leading through Pressure & Change 8. The Speak Out Act-Is More to Come? 7. By his and His hands 6. 4 Lessons in Personality from Hamilton 5. Who’s on First? Solving

SPECIAL FEATURE! BBB Torch Awards Speech

On November 15th of this year, Mary Ila was asked to speak on Character at the BBB Torch Awards. Her topic was inspired by our Horizon Point book of the year named Hidden Potential by Adam Grant. Mary Ila wasn’t able to attend, but Jillian showed up and presented in her place. We hope that you enjoy this special treat from this year’s event. Thank you for the opportunity to be here today.   The BBB team across North Alabama does a tremendous job in fostering workplace ethics and we are happy to be a part of the organization as

Trick, Treat, or Train: 6 Resources for Scary Good Employee Engagement

Ding, dong, the witch is…hovering over your shoulder micromanaging your work!? This Halloween, instead of Trick or Treat, let’s Train. We’re highlighting two applications of training as an employee engagement solution, plus 6 links to related resources on The Point Blog.  Last week, Lorrie and I spoke about our Illuminate program at the University of Alabama’s HR Management Conference. Before the session, an attendee came up to chat with us about the HR horrors she’d been dealing with at her new company. Her scariest issue: employees’ fear of big, bad HR. She said she felt like the HR monster, scaring