You Get 6 Seconds: Think Like a Recruiter when drafting your resume.

Count to six. What do you think you could get accomplished in this amount of time? Not much, but a recruiter has already reviewed your resume and moved on to the next one by the time you can get to seven.

The Honest Truth.

Hiring managers and recruiters, at least when it comes to making decisions based on a resume, don’t care about anything but your experience and your education if it’s required for the job.

Someone may tell you having phrases like “highly motivated”,   “self-starter”, “strong interpersonal skills”, etc. need to be on your resume, but you can’t prove that you are these things simply by putting them down on paper.

The cold hard facts that can be put on paper, and therefore, as the video shows, where recruiters focus their time:

  1. Where you’ve worked and for how long
  2. What education you’ve obtained

And that is what the powers that be look at. You may be able to prove to them in an interview that you are, in fact, a “self-starter”, but stick to the concrete stuff on a resume. Where you’ve worked and for how long matters- whether we like it or not.

Mary Ila Ward

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