Who Will You Be in 2023?

The idea that “The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be” has been coming up as a theme in my life these past few months. First in the form of a children’s book by Joanna Gaines, given to my son Wyatt by his Honey. Then, when Mary Ila hired me, and gifted me with a wall hanging that says the phrase. I think the Universe, God, Spirit, may have been conspiring to write that on my heart. Well, jokes on me! It has worked. I often think of the ways my past can serve me in my future. How can I develop professionally?

As a 38 soon to be 39 year old… Just starting out working in my field after taking the road less traveled for many years, I have plenty of dreams/goals for myself. One of those goals was set in my first one-on-one with Mary Ila, where we discussed the Leaders As Career Agents Worksheet.  It is to get my SHRM-CP this year. The credential is for people who perform general HR and related duties; or for those pursuing a career in Human Resource Management. There I said it, I put it on paper, so I have to pass, right? Can you sense the apprehension? There have been quite a few years between my departure from Auburn and beginning work in HR. One thing I’ve learned through life experience is that it is never too late to begin again, to be like a phoenix and rise from the ashes. 

One of the things that I love the most about working for Horizon Point and with the Team of ladies that I work with is that they practice what they preach. Does the World value values anymore? Well, Horizon Point does in 2023. “We believe continual learning is a key driver in creating passion and productivity in life and in work. To that end, we invest in the personal development of our people because we know that people are a company and community’s greatest asset (People First). We work with clients who believe in continuous learning and take steps towards continual self-improvement in order to maximize their passion and productivity.” Mary Ila invests in us and works hard to ensure that we are equipped with what need to be successful in our field. 

How will I embrace who the world needs me to be this year, you ask? I will be working towards goals in my career, but also putting those goals into action in all areas of my life. I want to be a lifelong learner with no fear of failure or beginning again. How do I do that? Through action and my first step was signing up for UNA’s SHRM CP Prep Courses. To find out more about the courses and to join me this semester, click here: https://www.campusce.net/una/course/course.aspx?C=5&pc=5&mc=13&sc=0


Emily Collins