What the New Administration Means for HR

I often hear HR professionals and business leaders alike comment on how hard it is to keep up with the constant changes in labor and employment laws. HR is an ever-changing world and even more so when a new administration takes office. Many employers have questions and concerns about what this new administration will mean for their businesses and changes they will need to make in how they manage HR.  

The Biden administration promises a focus that will push for more employee-friendly legislation and a strengthening of policy enforcement. There are a number of areas to keep an eye on this year and in the coming years of this administration, including: 

  • Labor Relations
  • Immigration
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Wage and Hour Regulations
  • Affordable Care Act/Healthcare
  • Paid Leave
  • Discrimination

So how can employers stay updated on these issues? 

  1. Network: Talk to other business leaders and HR professionals. Join associations that help keep employers informed and help them navigate these changes. Your local Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter is a good resource as are industry-specific associations. 
  2. Subscribe: There are so many resources out there, including newsletters created by employment attorneys and HR professionals, podcasts, and government publications. You can subscribe to the Horizon Point newsletter here.
  3. Attend: Seek out opportunities to attend workshops on employment and labor law. A few great places to find these workshops are your local SHRM chapter, employment attorneys, industry associations, and your local Chamber of Commerce. 
  4. Contract: Seek out help from the professionals. Consider contracting with an HR Outsourcing/Consulting agency or an employment attorney that can help your organization stay up to date on labor and employment laws and ensure that your organization is compliant. 

For more information on what to expect from the new administration, join Horizon Point Consulting and Redstone Government Contracting on April 6th for our New Administration, New Rules: Navigating the Workplace in 2021 workshop

Lorrie Coffey

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