What does Pixar’s Soul have to do with your Job Search?

Over the Christmas break, my family and I watched Soul, a Disney Pixar film. It was an interesting little movie. But what does Pixar’s Soul have to do with your job search? 

“Pixar’s “Soul” is about a jazz pianist who has a near-death experience and gets stuck in the afterlife, contemplating his choices and regretting the existence that he mostly took for granted.”  – RobertEbert.com (Check out the full review here: Soul Movie Review)

In the movie, the main character, Joe, helps Number 22 find her spark! Other career buzz words like passion and flow were found throughout the show. 

As I watched the movie, I immediately correlated what was happening to real life, specifically a job search. Just like 22, there are so many people who can’t find their spark & drift through their adult lives unfulfilled, feeling as though something is missing in their “work” life.

So, what does Pixar’s Soul have to do with your job search? Here are three key takeaways:

  1. Explore different paths – take assessments, job shadow, conduct informational interviews, utilize websites like O*Net to find out more about careers.
  2. Enjoy life as you search for your spark. Don’t be so laser-focused on a job search that you don’t enjoy the other parts of life that make you happy! Spend time with family and friends, enjoy hobbies like biking or scrapbooking, listen to inspiring podcasts, or read books on your favorite topics.
  3. Don’t give up! Eventually, you will find just the right career fit. In the meantime, volunteer, work part-time jobs to try different career fields, or take classes that interest you.

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