The Point’s Top 10 Posts of 2022

2022 has been a year of growth for us here at Horizon Point. We have had a great time keeping you informed on a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Every post we’ve written and shared, no matter the subject, we’ve strived to inform you on subjects that will help you professionally. Our team is happy to help keep you up to date with the latest information to better your career, your work environment, or your organization! 

Here is a look back at The Point’s Top 10 Posts of 2022:

  1. 6 Steps for Choosing Leadership Training Content and 7 Recommended Frameworks


  1. 3 Steps to Actually DO Succession Planning


  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work…Unless the Team is Dysfunctional


  1. Bring Me a Rock


  1. Employment Law Update


  1. Crafting a Thoughtful Performance Management System


  1. How do you Navigate the Advancement Process?


  1. Book Review of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing


  1. Why Encounter Groups Work


  1. 3 Ways to Meet Survival Needs in the Workplace


Thank you for a great year. Please visit us in 2023. We promise to keep you informed and entertained in the new year!

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Emily Collins